Stranger in a bar - part 1

You’ve been sat in moping too long since your marriage break up. Look, there’s a band on down the road, let’s go and have a few drinks and take your mind off things"

Paul was a good friend Paul and always looking out for me. He was right, I had been feeling sad and lonely for too long but I was 45 years old and had been married since I was 22. It felt like there was nothing to go out for. I had no chance of meeting someone else at my age.

"OK, just for a couple of hours then" I said.

We went down to the local pub and were having a few drinks and catching up. Then the band came on and they were pretty good so I started to relax and enjoy myself. It was quite busy with a good mixed crowd and we were up having a dance to the side of the stage. A couple of younger girls were dancing near us and had clearly had a fair amount to drink as they were bumping into us. To be honest it was a bit irritating so I moved away to the bar and left Paul to it.
He came over after a while and had been chatting to one of them. Apparently they were out on a work do and had been drinking for quite a while but he said they seemed quite nice.

I said "look mate I’m not interested I just want a fun night out but if you want to chat to them I’ll come over with you"

Paul went outside for a smoke and I was watching the band when one of the girls came in and stood next to me again with a glass of wine. She smiled at me and I guess I felt obliged to chat to her. She was actually really hot, dark hair, nice smile and I could see what a fit body she had as her dress was really tight fitting.

"I understand you’re out on a work do"

"Yes and to be honest I’ve had enough. We’ve been drinking since 5 o’clock and I’ve reached my limit. I’m starting to see double" she giggled.

"Well you look ok to me, you’ll be fine. I’m Jon by the way" I said.

"Helen, nice to meet you"

It turned out Helen was 34 and a solicitor, married with a son but staying in town tonight at a local hotel. I went to the bar to get another drink and saw Paul outside chatting to one of the other girls. When I got back Helen was still dancing to the band so I joined her. She was swaying a bit and still bumping into me with a wicked grin on her face and I must confess I was enjoying the attention. We carried on dancing and Helen leaned in close and whispered in my ear. I nearly dropped my pint in shock and said "What did you say?" she leaned in again and repeated

"My cunt is really wet"

I was so surprised that I didn’t really know what to say so I spluttered out "how wet is it" sort of half joking.

"Dripping wet and I need it to be filled with a big hard cock"

"Sounds good" I said but was a bit embarrassed.

She pressed up against me and put her arms round me to dance. I could feel her soft tits pressing in to me and could smell her perfume, she was so fucking gorgeous and I felt my cock growing slowly harder. I was just not used to this though and felt uncomfortable so whispered that I was just going to the toilet. When I came out she was stood there waiting for me and no one else was around.

She laughed and said "Look, I can’t believe I’m doing this but I fancy you like fuck and need you in me now. What am I doing, I don’t do this but I feel so fucking horny"

I was concerned that she was too drunk and didn’t really know what she was doing so said "Hey, you’ve had a lot to drink and you’re happily married. Why don’t I order you a taxi to take you back to your hotel. You’ll feel better in the morning"

She leaned in to me, grabbed my cock through my jeans and whispered in the dirtiest voice I have ever heard, "Don’t worry about me, I want your tongue inside my cunt and then your cock. I’m not going to rest until I have your hot spunk dripping out of me and I can feel that you like the idea"

I was so turned on that my cock had gone rock hard and she was rubbing it slowly grinning at me

"Now order that fucking taxi, come back to my hotel and make me happy with that huge piece of meat. I want it now"

I went outside to Paul and said "Look mate, I hope you don’t mind but I’m off". He winked at me and wished me a good night.

In the taxi I thought Helen was going to sleep as she leaned down on my lap. "What the fuck!" she was unzipping my jeans looking up with that wicked grin again.

"No, not in here" I said

"Sshh" she whispered "just relax and go with it"

She unzipped me and took my engorged cock out of my jeans and looked up at me while she stroked my shaft and then my straining balls. She was circling her hand around the head of my cock and driving me crazy. I had never felt a sensation like it before and my cock grew harder still and my precum was pouring out.

"mmmm, my favourite drink" she said and lowered her mouth around my huge cock

It had been so long since I’d had any kind of sex and it felt so good. She stopped and looked up at me then raised her head and whispered "Let me tell you what’s going to happen now. I’m going to suck your huge cock and take it deep in my throat. You are going to cum harder than you’ve ever cum before and fill my mouth with your rich hot creamy spunk. If you do as your told, you will not believe what is going to happen to you in my hotel room. You ready?"

I couldn’t speak so just nodded. She went down on me again, massaging my swollen balls with her other hand. Fuck she was good at this. Literally within 2 minutes I could feel the sensation growing and knew it wouldn’t be long until I exploded into her mouth. She stopped and whispered in my ear

"I’m ready, I want your hot load right now"

She lowered her head again and carried on with the amazing blowjob. I felt my cock twitching and groaned and I shot a huge load of spunk into her mouth and down her throat. She kept sucking like the dirty hungry bitch she was and finally sat up with a satisfied grin after swallowing the biggest load of cum I have ever unleashed. We pulled up at her hotel and the taxi driver was grinning at me in his mirror.

Helen leaned over and whispered "did you enjoy your starter as much as I did?" I just nodded like a dazed fool. "Good" she said "because you will not believe what I’m going to serve up for main course and dessert, now get yourself upstairs quick, I need that beast in me"

I paid the taxi driver and he said "thank you Sir, have a good evening" I think I might I thought.

Totally true story (except my name) Part 2 coming soon! Please let me know what you think. Particularly interested to hear from any women who got off on this, details of how would be very welcome.

Stranger in a bar - part 1